Climate Justice

100% Clean Energy by 2030

We must help every home, business, and public building transition to clean energy within a decade. This includes the entire electrical grid, and our transportation system.

I have transitioned two homes from fossil fuels to clean energy. Every home can take similar steps toward net-zero energy, improving their comfort while reducing their operating costs. This video shows how we transitioned our previous home, in Reno Nevada, to 100% clean energy:

Regenerative Agriculture

‘Modern agriculture’ is one of the leading causes of carbon emissions, and actively degrades the environment in numerous ways. We must transition from destructive agriculture practices to regenerative agriculture in the next decade.

Political Justice

Constitutional Amendment to clarify that Corporations are NOT People, and Money is NOT free speech.

We are long overdue for a constitutional amendment to eliminate ‘corporate personhood’ and remove their funding from the political system.

100% Public funding for all elections

Social Justice

Eliminate for-profit prisons

Housing for all

Housing is a human right. We must provide safe, energy efficient housing for every person, regardless of their age, income, or citizenship status.

Economic Justice

$15 minimum wage

While $15/hour does not represent a living wage in many parts of the country, it will help millions of families to make ends meet.

Increase taxes for corporations & wealthy.

Global Justice

Cut military budget 50%

Savings will be used to invest in US infrastructure, clean energy, public transportation, and reduce the national debt.

Eliminate ‘military aid’ and ban weapons sales to human rights abusers (Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia…)

For decades, the United States has aided and abetted foreign governments in their abuse of human rights. It is time for this to end.

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